I am so fortunate and blessed to be an acknowledged mentor, tutor, educator and writer. I work with students in Arizona and out-of-state. (See link below for Schools Supported) The most important concepts I teach my students are how to study, how to be independent learners, and how to take ownership of their outcomes. I am especially excited to continue expanding into the university STEM world.


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Fostering Academic Confidence & Subject Mastery

Today’s undecided learning approaches create a need for experienced and effective in person and remote tutoring skills. We emphasize mastery and accountability and can assist with academic recovery situations.

In Person or Remote Tutoring by the BEST tutor in North Phoenix, Cave Creek & Anthem | ACADEMIC.EXPERT

We are able to help students with the AP, GED, ACT/SAT, GRE and LSAT tests. Test prep must be a well-planned and executed team effort involving parents (when applicable), students and the Academic Expert.


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  • Joe has decided to pursue a 2nd Masters Degree. This one will likely be in Mathematics. In order to facilitate this, he is retaking his undergrad math classes (it has been a LONG time). He currently has 3.5 GPA in this effort. (Mildly satisfied.) :-) He has just few more to take. He will be done this summer with that effort. Then applying for a program. He is considering crafting a curriculum that focuses on Calculus III (and above) and Differential Equations applications as well as physics and electro magnetic applications involving integration approaches and estimation techniques.

    He also has an interest in Calculus topics concerning sequence and series divergence and convergence theory.

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Educational insight, tips & news written to help students build better study habits, boost academic confidence & inspire mastery.

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