Covid 19 Updates

Now what???? We will provide updates on the Covid situation that are relevant to your student’s education on this page. Bookmark it!

COVID-19 has had impacts on all levels of education. Parents, students, teachers and school administration personnel alike have struggled.

There is no disputing that students’ mastery has suffered. Parents have already made choices to move their students to online and home schooling options. Some will come back to the classroom. Some will not. These choices have been very dependent on the state and school district where the students reside.

COVID-19 will have lasting impacts to schools, curricula, physical teaching environments and perhaps most importantly to the students. Many students have left the traditional “in school” teaching approaches to a myriad of other options. Just some of these options that have been exercised are home schooling, school or district supported online options, external online options and self-taught options.

We have been aggressive in supporting any and all student needs. We have developed 1-1 individual “white board” approaches to work with students. We support students whose “work” is on-line based and those who are in a more “paper based” environment.

I recognized, even before the COVID impacts arrived that in many circumstances, students were not getting enough “content”. I have developed Google Classrooms for many of the subjects I support.

I take the steps needed to support your students.


As we head into the 2021 summer, many parents are trying to decide what to do next. Do we stay in our current school? Do we go to an online environment? If so, which one? Is home schooling or a “group home schooling” approach a viable option?

As you are trying to make sense of all of this, my suggestion is to COLLECT INFORMATION.

Just some of the questions to ask of schools or online schools are:

  • Are there actual teachers teaching live classes?
  • Is the actual learning material recorded videos, powerpoint presentations or some other format?
  • If there are live classes being taught, can the students ask questions during class? (Some online experiences have teachers turning off the ability of students to ask questions during the class.) Some brick and mortar schools who had to utilize Zoom calls, turned off the students microphones and ability to interact with teachers.
  • Do the students have adequate opportunity to work practice problems? Are these practice problems graded and returned in a timely fashion?
  • Are the homework/quizzes/tests online? Are there firm due dates? Do the assignments allow multiple submissions. That is, can the students submit the assignments repeatedly?
  • Do students have the ability to review homeworks and quizzes with a teacher?

I will be addressing this over the coming months. Schedule an appointment for a more in depth discussion with your family. Contact us ASAP concerning these and other attendant issues trying to decide on the right choice for your student.


Let us be frank. Students are entering a new form of education that will rely heavily on self education. What if COVID or something similar comes roaring back? The most important skill set we teach to our students is how to learn on our own. This encompasses study skills, time management and research skills.

If there is anything that the last year and a half should have taught us, is to be and start preparing NOW.

If you have any questions, send us a message and we’ll get them answered.

If you have any questions, send us a message and we’ll get them answered.