I invite you to visit the Student Testimonials page. Relationship development is indispensable for a trusting outcome. No level of success is possible without a strong relationship built with my students and parents.

There is no single set pattern as to how to build relationships. You as a parent know this. I would say though that the development of trust is critical with my students. The last thing they need are just academic lectures. I have found students need to be listened to and believed in. My students need my trust in them. I need them to trust in my requests as to how to study, learn, practice and thus believe in me.

I am different because I do know my subject matter well enough to know how, as well as why the students are not making connections with the material. That is probably my biggest academic strength is to quickly assess what is missing in the classroom or with the student’s attention, actions, study skills or to what degree they are willing to apply themselves.

But, none of the matters if I do not connect with my students.