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Fostering Student Accountability, Confidence & Mastery

Students have varying skills, potential and goals. Learning to achieve goals is less an issue of motivation and more about changing habits. We teach students how to change habits by emphasizing the role of plans and planning in all academic endeavors.

One size does NOT fit all when constructing a plan with students and, if applicable, parents. Some students may initially need a higher degree of “hands on” interaction as they begin to develop these habits that need to be exercised in the classroom and at home; others are more independent from the start. This is why we provide multiple options as to how to reach the student’s goals.

Education is personal. Whether it be classroom learning, online education, education recovery, standardized testing prep and even Advanced Placement preparation, individualized plans must be put into place as much as possible in order to optimize outcomes.

Below are the main vehicles we provide in order to raise the bar of mastery with our students. Online education is a rapidly growing option for our students, even providing international tutoring to reach students worldwide.

It is our experience that standardized testing and AP test prep are the two areas that historically get very little attention as to focusing on the needs of the individual student. We strive to change that.

We Focus on Key Skills

From a strictly educational standpoint, we follow the advice we give to students—we are focused on mastery of subject matter and we are always learning and offering new skills to our students.

Our practiced skills cover the breadth of the STEM curriculum to the university arena. We will be expanding into graduate level engineering curricula, covering electromagnetics, wave theory, Maxwell’s equations, optics and antennas, and other related subjects and topics.

All of the “smarts,” however, does not guarantee positive outcomes with students, however. Perhaps the skill set we are most proud of is our ability to connect and build a strong relationship with students. Positive outcomes are never guaranteed, but they are much more likely when a trusting, mentoring connection is established and nurtured with the student.

While academic mastery is of high importance, teaching students how to master the material is equally critical. The student’s time spent with us is of a very short period of time compared to the time spent at home and in the classroom.

Some of the most important lessons we teach are how to study, what it means to study, how to retain information, how to do research, and how to manage time.

Sometimes these lessons are part of the normal academic tutoring and services. Oftentimes, specific attention must be paid to these skills.

We have to understand that without these skills and habits, the students will find it nearly impossible to excel in their studies. It IS that important.

We Teach & Develop Writing Skills | ACADEMIC.EXPERT

There will always be a need for the ability to write clearly and concisely using correct grammar. We actively encourage our students to go above and beyond what is often required in school and develop writing skills that will serve them throughout their lives. It is our goal to foster and develop mastery-level writing skills.

We encourage and provide a variety of programs to improve note taking skills, learn mnemonic-based memorization skills and encouraging practice of their skills.

We STRONGLY encourage any student interested in seriously improving their overall writing skills to have a copy of Elements of Style by Strunk and White.

The key to teaching and supporting STEM-level subject matter is what we call “horizontal integration.” Many education models focus, sometimes exclusively on vertical topic-by-topic exploration.

One of the prime goals of STEM-related curricula is to teach independent, creative thinking and exploration. This often means applying lesson material from one domain to another. For example, using mathematics and physics in the exploration of chemistry.

Very few learning institutions have teachers well-versed in a single STEM subject area, must less multiple domains or STEM experts. We pride ourselves on our breadth of educational expertise in these areas of study.

We manifest this approach in these secondary school education STEM focus areas—AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Physics (all four tests) and other disciplines. In addition, we enthusiastically support mastery-driven students with our skills in university level engineering (physics, chemistry, statics, dynamics, electricity, et. al.)

For too many students, they are not prepared to take on STEM-level subject matter, often as the result of not having a firm foundation in basic elementary school/middle school subject matter.

We have worked with a number of students to successfully help students to recover in these scenarios. Solutions of this sort very often require non-standard solutions. There are most often a number of causes for skills lagging. Students often exhibit inability to retain information. They very often are not in touch or recognize core underlying concepts of their subject matter. Some students exhibit poor test-taking skills. Most parents have had their students exhibit one of more of these resulting in poor performance.

The causes for these behaviors and situations can be many. Oftentimes, students are exposed to almost exclusively, lecture based teaching methods, even at an early age. Many students do not absorb “Power Point-based” learning approaches. We see in some schools teachers are leaving the teaching profession mid-term resulting in upheaval in classrooms.

There are many other reasons for developmental lags, including lack of student involvement.

Success in dealing with these scenarios can be difficult. It always requires changes of habits by the students, both in the classroom and at home. Students often need to be taught “learning”skills.

We work with parents to craft programs that best fit their student and their situation.

Fostering Student Accountability, Confidence & Mastering — In Person & Remote Tutoring | ACADEMIC.EXPERT

In-Person or Remote Tutoring

Today’s undecided learning approaches create a need for experienced and effective in person and remote tutoring with student accountability and academic recovery at its core. We offer international tutoring, family tutoring, and even travel tutor services.

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Test Prep

Whether you are preparing to take an AP test or the ACT, SAT, GED, GRE or LSAT, we help you create a well-planned and executed TEAM effort involving you, our students and parents, and us as your educational mentor.

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Fostering Student Accountability, Confidence & Mastering — ACT & SAT Test Prep and Planning | ACADEMIC.EXPERT