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Fostering Student Accountability, Confidence & Mastery

All students are different — with varying skills, potential and goals. Learning to achieve goals is less an issue of motivation and more about changing habits. We teach students how to change habits by emphasizing the role of plans and planning in all academic endeavors.

One size does NOT fit all when constructing a plan with students and parents. We provide multiple options as to how to reach the student’s goals. Some students may initially need a higher degree of “hands on” interaction as they begin to develop these habits that need to be exercised in the classroom and at home; others are more independent from the start.

Education is personal. Whether it be classroom learning, online education, education recovery, standardized testing prep and even Advanced Placement preparation, individualized plans must be put into place as much as possible in order to optimize outcomes.

Below are the main vehicles we provide in order to raise the bar of mastery with our students. Online education is a rapidly growing option for our students, even providing international tutoring to reach students worldwide.

It is our experience that standardized testing and AP test prep are the two areas that historically get very little attention as to focusing on the needs of the individual student. We strive to change that.

Fostering Student Accountability, Confidence & Mastering — In Person & Remote Tutoring | ACADEMIC.EXPERT

In-Person or Remote Tutoring

Today’s undecided learning approaches create a need for experienced and effective in person and remote tutoring skills with student accountability at its core. We offer international tutoring, family tutoring, and even travel tutor services.

Fostering Student Accountability, Confidence & Mastering — Academic Test Prep | ACADEMIC.EXPERT

Academic Test Prep

Academic test prep must be a well-planned and executed TEAM effort involving students, parents (of our pre-adult students), and the mentor.

Fostering Student Accountability, Confidence & Mastering — Academic Test Prep | ACADEMIC.EXPERT