Student & Parent Testimonials

If you are looking for an amazing supportive tutor, your search is over! We are very thankful to our past students who took the time to share their Academic Expert reviews to give you a sense of the quality of Our Services.


“Hey Joe, I took my final. I finished with a B in the class ALL THE WAY from a D when we started working together. I could NOT have done without you so THANK YOU. I start Calc I in the summer, so I WILL be in touch. I changed my major from Finance to Engineering!”

Denise D.

“Thanx for your feedback! I think that is great advice (re:advice for upcoming ‘paper’ midterm. That is, help the teacher help you with getting as much partial credit as you can.) and hopefully the teacher is open to partial credit. Agree that Nick needs to keep applying himself and committing to learning this stuff, as much as he can. We both appreciate all of the work you’re doing with him. Nick really likes the way you teach and is learning so much! Thank you!”

Brad S.

“In response to an unsolicited note I sent to a parent concerning a student of mine . (From Joe to Dad: “She has matured in the 2 years that I have worked with her. She even told me yesterday “Joe, I am really into school! And I never thought I would like Chemistry until you taught me how to study and learn Chemistry.” I got this response from Dad when I relayed some of this; “That is awesome. Thank you for the unsolicited feedback.! Agreed, she has really matured over the past 2 years and seems to have big goals and life aspirations. We are very proud of her! Moreover, you have made a huge impact on her growth and confidence. She raves about your teaching abilities.””

Stella B.

“Thanx so much Joe. I took my geometry final today and it went well. I got a 26/32. Thanx so much have a great summer!”

Garon D.

“I got an 86 on my final! Thanx for all the help, not just with the calculus, but with how to study and those things you taught me.”

Lillian R.

“We are very fortunate to have found Joe. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter but he is also just a great person who is very flexible and easy to work with. His passion for teaching and learning is very apparent. He has a way of connecting with his students so they gain the confidence with the subject matter as well. He was extremely helpful to my son with AP Calculus, giving him the tools to be successful with this difficult topic.”

Jennifer W.

“(End of semester referral) She really enjoyed the session. I want you to know that I appreciate you.”


“This has been one of the most moving testimonials I have ever received. I work with a lot of students at the Starbucks in Cave Creek, Az. There is a group of people that are the so-called regulars. One of them came up to me. He wanted to share his impressions as he observed one session with one of my students. This student had a situation where, I felt, she was being treated unfairly over an incident during a test. This young lady has demonstrated remarkable self-confidence, study habits and general attitude. My friend commented that he saw how I must love what I do since (at least on this occasion) I was really excited as to how she was doing. He commented on how well she responded to my positive, endorsing attitude. Nothing has ever touched me more.”

Jennifer L.

“During the first half of my freshman year of high school, I really struggled with math and was lost on what I was going to do to help pick myself up and my grade up. That’s when I met Joe and started to meet with him weekly. Joe has been nothing but good to me. He’s helped me break down questions and gave visual, as well as verbal explanations to problems I was confused on. Once I started meeting with Joe, my math grade did a quick turnaround in just one semester, ending the school year with an A. My grades improved, as well as my confidence. Joe has been a great tutor and mentor for me through high school and I thank him for everything he’s done for me.”

Rhonda L.

“When my daughter was a freshman in high school, she was struggling with Algebra. I searched Facebook for tutors in my area and Joe’s name popped up. He had glowing recommendations so I contacted him. My daughter started meeting with him weekly and her grade immediately improved. She ended that school year with an ‘A’ in Algebra. Joe is very patient and explains the math so it is easy to understand. I would highly recommend Joe, if your child is in need of a tutor.”

Bob F.

“Joe is relatable and a good listener that helped Gavin improve his study habits and grades. We highly recommend him.”

Carrie R.

“Joe, Once again thanx for all your help; first with her undergrad work and now at MidWestern University.”

Cassidy T.

“Joe started tutoring my son in Algebra his freshman year of high school. He quickly earned my respect when he immediately realized issues he was having (not a strong foundation, not great studying skills and not good note taking). Joe quickly jumped in to teach these skills and break everything down for him. My son eventually didn’t need to see Joe any longer because he was at a point he could learn on his own. Later, I noticed my daughter was struggling in 8th grade and I contacted Joe again. After the very first meeting, she commented that Joe explains things so well and different than her teacher. You will quickly realize that Joe is 100% invested in your child. He is not solely concerned about his students’ grades. He is focused on the student truly knowing what is being asked, how to figure it out and eventually work it out on their own. Joe is extremely intelligent and concerned about his student’s overall well-being. We are very grateful for him. I admire his genuine demeanor and feel very fortunate my children have had the opportunity to learn from him.”

Sophia S.

“”Hi Joe! I just got my (ACT) score back without the writing yet. My super score is now a 32. Thank you so much. I am so happy! Over the years, I used many different tutors for different subjects. I can say confidently that Joe was easily one of the best tutors I have had. The time we spent prepping for the ACT was so useful. We spent time on all of the sections and extra time on the sections I struggled with. He helped me gain confidence in myself and my answers. Overall he prepped me very well for the test. I 100% would recommend Joe. So worthwhile!”

Caroline S.

“My daughter is taking a grade improvement summer class in Chemistry. She worked with Joe this last year. She is struggling and told me, “Mom, I need Joe” :-)”

Lisa F.

“My son and I both thought that my son’s problem with his summer Calculus class was that he and calculus just didn’t hit it off. My son always got A in algebra. After one hour with Joe we realized that grade inflation is rampant. He never learned what he needed to build on. Joe caught so much and filled in those holes for him. He has hope now. After my son’s first session he called me on the phone and excitedly thanked me for finding Joe.”

Angie F.

“Joe: Kaci got a 94 on her algebra final and a 90 on chemistry. She is thrilled. Thank you! (from Joe): Like we have been discussing. Her mental mindset has improved so much over the last couple of months.”

Caleigh S.

“Joe: Thank you for tutoring me. I really appreciate it. I will definitely see you next school year. Oh and I ended up with a 3.833 GPA!!!”

Sierra L.

“Joe, Thanx for a great year! I really could not have done it without you. I hope you have a great summer and I will touch base if I need any help in summer school. —> (from joe) I hope everything worked out well for you. You deserve it. I have seen you grow so much this past year in so many ways. You are one of the most kind-hearted people I know. You will look back on this class and realize that you can do hard things! Have a great summer!”

Amy R.

“Joe, Thanx for everything (for both of the kids!). You opened up Emmie’s eyes up to how to think, study, understand and explore subjects that weren’t her strongest. I am sure we will see you in the fall!”

Cara C.H.

“Thanks for everything. We really appreciate it. [Our son] wouldn’t have made it without you.”

Jennifer M.

“Just to share with you … Carly LOVES math & she is good at it 🥰  Thank you for your support! She is so confident with math!!!!”

Melissa H.

“I just want to tell you thank you for tutoring Jasmine for this past school year. We really appreciate the help you’ve given her, as well as your insights. Geometry has definitely been a crazy ride.”

Jessica K.

“(AP related) So Karrigan’s AP Test is next Monday. We would really like to thank you for all of your help with her this year! You have been a tremendous asset to her and I know she wouldn’t be where she is now without your help! We hope you have an amazing summer and we will definitely keep your number in case we need help with our younger daughter.”


“Re:AP Stats. “I got an 85 on my final and got my grade up to a middle B. We were at low C when my mom reached out to you. So it has definitely improved a lot. Thank you so much for your help.” My comments: AP Stats is a workhorse that needs strong riders! As opposed to AP Calc, AP Stats is inherently (usually) more difficult because there is really no prior classwork that acts as a backdrop/prep class. Stats definitely works “other areas” of the brain and results in an overall strong student and thinker. As with Jamie, in this case, students CAN learn to do hard things,”

Cassidy T.

“I am honored to write a letter of recommendation for Joe. I did not know Joe until he started tutoring my son, David in algebra freshman year of high school. He quickly earned my respect after I saw him working with my son. He immediately realized several issues my son was having(not a strong foundation, not great studying skills and not good note taking). Joe quickly jumped to teach him these skills and break everything down for him., Joe always puts 100% into David when he is working with him. He is not solely concerned about David’s grades. Joe is extremely intelligent and sees the forest and the trees. He is concerned about David’s overall well-being. David was reluctant to to to tutoring at first because he didn’t like the idea of tutoring. However once he started going and got over that first hump of learning he was missing, he gladly went. He now sees Joe for Honors Geometry and passing is not a struggle like it was at one time. Both David and I are grateful for Joe. I admire his genuine demeanor and feel very fortunate my son gets to learn from him.”

Melissa H.

“My daughter seemed a lot more confident today. Thank you for all you are doing. Thanx for sticking with us!”

Dorian H.

“Thanx Joe. She got a 90 on the final thanx to her tutoring sessions!”

Allyson S.

“Thanx so much Joe. She got a B on her Physics final and kept her A in the class. Thank you again.”

Cassidy T.

“My daughter seemed a lot more confident today. Thank you for all you are doing. Thanx for sticking with us!”

Erin L.

“Joe: Things ended up well and we are going to move to an ad hoc arrangement. You have been a great help to him and I can tell he feels much more comfortable with math overall.”

Jessica O.

“Joe: She hung on and got an A in Chemistry. Thank you so so much” (AE response: This student worked and has mastered studying techniques. This from the teacher who said on the 1st day that it is highly unlikely that anyone would earn an A.”

Jennifer B.

“I know that my son and I really appreciate how much you have invested in him over the years. I have a feeling that when my daughter has to take a college math class in a couple of years our paths may cross again! Thanx for everything,”

Jackie & C.

“We wanted to take a moment to express our thanks and gratitude to Joe. When our son enrolled in AP Calculus, we quickly realized he had a challenging year ahead of him to say the least. In our first conversation with Joe, it was immediately evident that he had a passion for math and was a perfect match to help our son navigate and gain mastery of very complicated concepts. With his help, our son was able to earn a qualifying score on his CLEP exam. We highly recommend him!”

Christie F.

“Joe takes great pride in teaching his students. The patience, words of encouragement, and compassion he displays towards his students, shows in the results of each child’s work. My children have gained much confidence and knowledge in the subject they were both struggling in from working with Joe. Hands down, Joe is the best—we are lucky to have found him!”

Jason & Kimberly B.

“Simply put, Joe is a wonderful human being! He was more than patient, understanding and insightful when it came to working with our daughter through such extraordinary times. In the time they worked together he became invested in her well-being and would reach out to me out of genuine concern for her. Joe is a talented tutor. He has a very deep knowledge of Calculus and Physics.

More importantly, he seemed to grasp my daughter’s learning style. When introducing new concepts he was able to present the information in ways that were suitable to her. Our daughter always felt much more confident in her abilities after she reviewed the material with Joe. With his help she was able to keep her grades throughout the year and is now off to college this Fall at the University of Rochester! We are so thankful to Joe for all the help – we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Jake S.

“For starters, without the help from Joe I would have failed math all the way through high school. From my freshman year to my senior year he was there to guide me in the direction and teach me what the teachers at school failed to get across. I went from a subpar mathematics student to getting Bs. Joe is more knowledgeable than most teachers I had in high school. I remember I was so frustrated with math my freshman year that I just would not do it and would rather fail assignments than stress out trying to understand concepts that made no sense to me. My parents then made the decision that I would have to go to tutoring or some sort of math study because getting a 60% was not going to fly. After just a few sessions, I was able to grasp concepts that had been foreign to me all year. He has the ability to get through to almost anyone. He made math click for someone who still uses a calculator for 2+2. If anyone I knew needed tutoring Joe is the first person, I would refer them to. Thanks to Joe, I graduated high school with a 3.02 GPA which would’ve been much lower had I not received tutoring and proper teaching of the material.”

Camille C.

“Thank you again for everything you have done to help the two boys with their math.

Not only did you help them with Algebra, you helped them to increase their personal ownership of their responsibilities. It is refreshing to work with professionals like you who see the big picture and are focused on mastery and not just getting a specific grade.

We appreciate you!”

Brian J.

“I Just wanted to give a review about Joe Wisniewski. I was referred to him via Facebook a few years ago. He started tutoring my son his Junior year of high school in Algebra. My son has always struggled with math but Joe made him understand it in a way that my son could understand. Joe is a big proponent on learning how to do the math and to understand why you are doing it not just memorizing the problems just to skate by. He continued to tutor him throughout high school. Now my son is a certified flight instructor at Southwest Flight Center. Anytime I see somebody ask for a referral for a tutor Joe’s name is the first person to pop up and by more than one person. I would highly recommend him to anybody for any math class that their child might need he knows them all! Truly an amazing talent.”

Deb R.

““Joe is a lifesaver”, “Joe got my child through Geometry” “Joe is the best”! I now know why my search to find a tutor for my 16 year old daughter turned up comments like this from our local community board. Yes – he is this amazing. From our very first interaction to our daughter’s 97% grade on her final exam, we were so fortunate to have Joe’s support. It’s not an easy feat to impress a teen and keep them engaged but Joe accomplished this with ease. I was particularly impressed with Joe’s ability to identify our daughter’s learning style and use that to her advantage. As a parent, I will be forever grateful for Joe’s support and look forward to working with him again.”

Megan L.

“Joe started tutoring my 5th grade son mid year. It was a shock that our son was actually failing math. This was one of his favorite subjects! Outside circumstances effected my sons grades to fall and his interests in anything school related dropped. I scrambled to figure something out to help our son. I saw a post Joe made regarding a free trial tutoring session for Math. I jumped on the opportunity. Micah took to Joe within the first 5 minutes of meeting him! The two of themwere in their own world and my son felt so enthusiastic about math again after just the first meeting with Joe. I knew this was it. Once my sons grades in Math started changing, his other grades followed. His Math grade being the highest jump. He needed the outside encouragement that Joe was giving him. Regardless if it was math, science or social studies, the improvement and encouragement he received for Joe helped him build up his confidence. Joe is not just a math tutor. He cares about his students and really focused onwhat my son needed as a student. He’s more then a math tutor…. He is a Teacher. I highly recommend him. I have a passing 5th grader to prove it!”

Jessica R.

“Joe is an amazing tutor for my 14 year old daughter. We have had several tutors and even tried expensive alternatives to help her, nothing was working. Since she has started with Joe her grades have gone up and she really enjoys him teaching her. I will be using him for years to come and recommend him highly!”

S. Lee

“My daughter was struggling in Math and Joe helped her understand the material so that she was able to tackle the problems with confidence. Joe is very patient, flexible, and explains things clearly. Not only is he highly knowledgeable in the subject matter, but he truly cares about his students. After just a few tutoring sessions, my daughter improved her test and quiz grades!”

Heidi R.

“My son Gavin was struggling with both Geometry and Chemistry during his Freshman/Sophmore years. I reached out to Joe at the recommendation of a friend. He responded quickly and we started starting tutoring immediately. He worked around our schedule with timing and location and went above and beyond. Joe was amazing and supportive to me as a parent and my son was able to understand the subjects in just a few sessions and later returned on an as-needed basis. In addition to the tutoring itself he also provided Gavin with the confidence and guidance in life in general that he desperately needed. I will be forever grateful for Joe and have referred him to many other parents and strongly recommend him to any parents that has a student that is struggling in school.”

Founder and head tutor, Joe Wisniewski, takes great pride in teaching and is highly knowledgeable and a great teacher — offering encouragement and instilling confidence in his students.

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